G-Technology ev Series Reader Atomos Caddy Edition Enclosure

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G-Technology ev Series Reader Atomos Caddy Enclosure, what is it?
A solution designed to optimise and simplify your Atomos video workflow, the ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition leverages high-performance connectivity for fast Atomos content transfers and backup.

Who’s it ideal for?
Atomos users looking for a neat and compact solution to transfer their media onto backup storage.

How fast is it?
Pretty fast, transfer content quickly from your Atomos recorder into any ev Series-compatible or other G-Technology storage solution over SATA 6Gb connection. When shooting on-the-go, use it as a stand-alone device to review, log, and back up footage using USB 3.0.

What does it work with?
Compatible with USB 3.0 ports and any of the ev Series devices including the G-Dock and G-Speed Shuttle ranges

What’s in the box?
G-Technology ev Series Reader Atomos Caddy Edition Enclosure
(1) USB Type-C to Type-C cable
(1) USB Type-C to Type-A cable for backward compatibility
Quick Start Guide

What’s the support?
The Atomos Caddy Enclosure has a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

More Info?
Click here for more ev Atomos Caddy Enclosure information from the manufacturer (Salon are not responsible for the contents of external links).