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    Desktop drives are designed to, you guessed it, stay put! They can be moved around but they generally aren't that portable and almost always need plugging into the power socket. If portability is your thing then maybe swing over to our Portable storage section instead! Desktop drives generally offer greater performance and reliability than their smaller portable brothers and sisters and can come in a range of sizes from a single drive to multiple RAID array. Ideal as a main backup complemented by portable transfer drives.
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    Portable drives are the ideal type of storage for people on the move. In some cases they are rugged for the adventurer, in other cases they fast for the speed conscious. In all circumstances these drives can be moved around easily and often don't need a power socket. Salon offer a full range of portable drives and years of experience in what works best and where, talk to us for independent advice. Rugged SSD Banner
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    Solid State Drives (SSD) are some of the fastest storage solutions you will find. With no moving parts and the latest technology they offer ultimate performance and reliability. More common in portable format but now increasingly found as desktop solutions offering super fast transfer speeds ideal for 4K and above workflows. rugged pro ssd
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    Help with GDPR compliance and consider using Encrypted Storage. Reduces the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands with a selection of encrypted storage drives. Salon Pro Sales can guide you through the different options available and advise on the safest one for your workflow. Choose between ultra secure hardware encryption and software encrypted solutions.
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    A full range of LTO media and hardware solutions for all formats. Salon Pro Sales also offers in-house services for barcode labelling and LTO transfer for those without their own hardware. Talk to us about our LTO bundle deals including hardware, software and LTO media tape stock. Our range of solutions come from leading manufacturers including Quantum, HP, Fuji and mLogic to name just a few.
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    Accessories including the likes of storage caddies, components, cables, and replacement power supplies. Salon Pro Sales stocks a wide range of ancillary items to compliment your storage workflows. Invest in the right quality accessories and give that storage purchase an extra thumbs up.
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    When speed is of the essence then a RAID drives are the way to go. Spreading the workload across more than 1 drive gives additional performance and extra protection when using a RAID level that allows for redundancy. Salon Pro Sales can advise you on the best RAID storage and level for your workflow taking into account the performance you need against the protection you wish to afford your media.